Procedural Storytelling

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"Procedural storytelling, replayable game narratives that dynamically change given player actions."

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Books & Papers

Procedural Storytelling in Game Design - Tanya X. Short, Tarn Adams


"Ceptre: A Language for Modeling Generative Interactive Systems" by Chris Martens

Narrative toolkit: "The Narrative Toolkit is designed as an aid for making any narrative. It consists of 68 cards including Propp, Rodari, Vogler, Jung and Campbell’s concepts, all of which make up the Hero’s Journey. This toolkit helps any person to design his own structure for creating narratives, speeches, group dynamics, business reports, etc.

Examples of procedural storytelling

Facade - Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern

"an artificial intelligence-based experiment in electronic narrative"

Long Live the Queen - Spiky Caterpillar

Examples of procedural storytelling in video games

Dwarf Fortress

Shadow of Mordor - Monolith Productions

FTL: Faster Than Light - Subset games

Reigns. Kings & Queens - Devolver Games

Murder on the Zinderneuf - Jon Freeman and Paul Reiche III

Frostpunk - 11 Bit Studios

The Sims - Maxis

Examples of procedural storytelling in board games

Fog of Love - Jacob David Klixbüll Jaskov

Articles & links


“Subversion”, an abandoned procedural story game by Introversion software.