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Nonny de la Peña is an American artist, immersive journalist and entepreneur.


Nonny de la Peña is one of the most influential pioneers in virtual and augmented reality. She has been called "The Godmother of Virtual Reality" and is widely credited with creating the genre of immersive journalism by premiering the first-ever VR experience at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, “Hunger In Los Angeles.”

She is founder and CEO of the award-winning Emblematic Group, telling immersive stories with the aim of creating intense, empathic engagement on the part of viewers.

She is now on the verge of announcing another breakthrough: Emblematic Group’s new REACH web platform, which "allows anyone to tell their story in room-scale VR". Nonny is also a member of the BAFTA VR Advisory Board and a TED speaker.

Prior to Emblematic, Nonny spent more than 20 years in media as a writer, director and producer, including stints as a correspondent for Newsweek and a drama writer for CBS. Nonny earned her MA from the University of Southern California, focusing on Online Communities, and her BA from Harvard, in Sociology and Visual & Environmental Studies.




After Solitary (2017)

Greenland Melting (2017)

We Who Remain (2017)

Out of Exile (2017)

Cartier Mansion (2016)

Wall Street Journal (2016)

Across the Line (2016)

Kiya (2015)

One Dark Night (2015)

Use of Force (2014)