Monika Bielskyte

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Monika Bielskyte is a strategist, designer and advocate of future technologies


"A futurist with an artist's eye and an inventor’s mind", Monika Bielskyte prototypes future world designs for the entertainment industry, technology companies, and cities. Monika's work consists in connecting technological innovation with original creative visions, often focusing on immersive media technology & digital formats of reality - VR, AR & MR - as "tools & spaces to expand the human potential".


“We are leaving behind the glowing rectangular screens, and stepping into computational space where the world is our desktop,”

"The digital world will soon enough be enmeshed with the physical world in such a way that our ‘reality’ will be the transparency mode that we choose."

"Technological innovation without humanitarian evolution = dystopian future."

"Media is the modern day mythology — it lays the foundations of our civilisation & becomes the ideology upon which we build our societal values & inform our policies for generations to come."

"The experience is virtual, but the fear is very real. Is the experience ‘just’ virtual if it causes real emotional damage?"