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MAKROPOL Presse 03.jpeg
The Makropol studio is lead by producer Mads Damsbo and artistic director Johan Knattrup Jensen, who met in 2009 at the Danish, progressive film school Super16.

MAKROPOL is an award-winning studio working in the intersection of cinema, technology, live performance and installation.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the works of MAKROPOL have been exhibited, screened, and featured in venues, galleries, and festivals all over the world. Among these are Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Copenhagen Contemporary, and Google Lab in Paris.


2017 ANTHROPIA. A 60 minutes performative exhibition where virtual meets real and 5 video works from 5 different artist are revealed. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen in collaboration with Therese Willdstedt, Ali Abbasi, Julian Juhlin, and Rikke Benborg. Formats: Installation, VR film, Performance, Duration : 60 Min Web:

2017 MOTHER’S GHOST. An unborn baby experiences her mothers nightmares as her parents are fighting. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen Formats: Installation, Interactive VR film, Duration : 10 Min

2017 DOOM ROOM. A guidet meditation through your death and into your afterlife. Premiered at the nightclub Chateau Motel, commissioned by I AM Vodka. Top reviews by the national press. INFO Director: Jesper Dalgaard Formats: VR film, Performance, Duration : 45 Min Web:

2017 NEW EYES. Supported by Danida and The ministry of Education, this project will take danish pupils on a field trip to Sri Lanka to meet a girl their age struggling with 3. world problems. INFO Director: Pernille Gliese & Marie Ramhøj Formats: Educational film, VR experience and material Duration: 14 Min Web:

2017 OPEN ORCHESTRA VR. (in production) An ambitious project to explore how classical music can unfold in virtual reality. A collaboration with Copenhagen Phil. Supported by Nordea and The ministry of Education. INFO Director: Mads Damsbo Formats: 4 compositions in VR, mixed media animated. Duration: 20 Mins Web:

2016 THE SHARED INDIVIDUAL. A virtual reality performance, in which a large audience is tele-transported, through the use of VR, into the perspective of one person on stage, live. In collaboration with Bombina Bombast. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen & Stefan Stanisic Format: Live performance, VR Film Duration: 30 mins Web:

2016 ALMAGEST 1/12. This is the first part of ALMAGEST, a series of 12 ceremonies, divided in 4 cycles; Undressing, Submission, Endurance, and Erection. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen Formats: Installation art, VR. Duration: 8 min Web:

2016 EWA, OUT OF BODY. Tomorrow is Ewa’s birthday, but she can’t wait to taste the birthday cake. Short VR fiction piece selected for Cannes Film Festival. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen Format: VR short fiction Duration: 8 min Web:

2015 VR:LAB. A 10 day extensive VR lab for 20 nordic artist and producers with the outcome of 10 VR film installations, which exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center in Copenhagen. In collaboration with CPH:DOX. INFO Curation: Johan Knattrup Jensen & Mads Damsbo Formats: Workshop, Installation art, VR films. Duration: 10 x 5 min (50 min) Wen:

2014 THE DOGHOUSE. A first person film experience. The doghouse is a popular installation exhibited at Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. A dining table set for 5 is the stage for this virtual family dinner. Experienced with Oculus Rift and binaural 3d sound. 4 out of 5 hearts from leading national cultural newspaper. Quote: “ This is new territory, for film, for the body and for art”. Produced in collaboration with Dark Matters. INFO Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen Format: Installation art, VR. Duration: 5 X 18 min (90 MIN) Web: