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A competition for films made in Virtual Reality (VR), during the Venice International Film Festival.

The Competition – named Venice Virtual Reality – will present VR films. A Jury, composed of a maximum of 5 leading exponents of the creative world, awards the following 3 prizes: Best VR film, Grand VR Jury Prize, Best VR Creativity Award.

The Venice International Film Festival was one of the first festivals in the world to express interest in Virtual Reality. The construction of a VR Theatre in 2016 and the screening of a series of experimental short films, including the world premiere presentation of the first feature-length VR film (Jesus VR), aroused enormous interest among the participants in the Venice Production Bridge and the many spectators of the Festival.

As a contribution to the recognition of Virtual Reality as an emerging art form, La Biennale di Venezia has therefore recognized the importance of supporting the authors who choose to adopt this modern technology and use it as a new means of artistic expression, and has decided that the time is ripe to institute this first competition.



Best VR Story (linear): L’Ile des Morts -

L’Ile des Morts.jpg

Best VR Experience (interactive): Buddy -

Buddy VR.jpg

Grand Jury VR Award: Spheres -

Spheres VR.jpg


Online access to Venice VR content

The Venice Virtual Reality section of the 75th Venice Film Festival will be available to audiences worldwide thanks to VRrOOm’s Virtual Reality platform.