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Thalassa is a Norwegian psychological mystery thriller for PC and VR - it is currently in development.


The following text is translated from the Norwegian Film Institute's declaration of support for the project:

"An underwater story of a mysterious shipwreck and the human psyche.

Return to the ship that took your friend's life. Experience a deep dive into the mystery of the Thalassa's demise - and into your own mind. Explore stories and events through the passengers' impressions of the ship, before the shipwreck - and shed light on the Thalassa's terrible destiny.

Thalassa is a game for players who are looking for a rewarding story, exciting graphics and game mechanics that let you live in the role of a deep dive."

About the production company

Sarepta Studio has previously released award-winning Skyggemesteren and the game My Children: Lebensborn in collaboration with Teknopilot. The company currently employs nine employees at Hamar.

Project details

Genre: Mystery thriller

Producer: Catharina Due Bøhler

Production company: Sarepta Studio AS

Director: Class Lothe

Distribution Platform: Windows, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift


NFI support for the project:

Sarepta Studio: