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A list of studios, developers & production companies working with narratives in VR, AR, MR and Immersive.

================================ AUSTRIA ================================

Junge Römer

"As storytellers we consider VR to be the most exciting thing since… pretty much ever. Our team of filmmakers, designers and developers spends a lot of time figuring out interesting ways of how to tell a story via this new medium and how to maximize its potential by crafting fresh and immersive experiences. Every day we learn something new and it’s been a great ride so far. We create interactive virtual realities that capture the minds and hearts of the audience with state-of-the-art 3D animations, spatial audio and exciting stories."


"World building. Game design. Immersive storytelling."

================================ CANADA ================================

Packet 39 (CA)

"We design and develop Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality games and experiences."

================================ DENMARK ================================

Awe (DK)

"We develop our own location based 3D audio systems. Over the years we have gained a huge knowledge base with indoor & outdoor tracking. We are experts in different technologies to recreate the concept of real life audio in mobile apps, VR installations, AR and 360 videos."

Bolverk XR (DK)

"With a background in the airline industry, and extensive experience in the VR industry, Bolverk XR excels in creating immersive real-time simulations. We create alternate realities using technology."

Fox media Documentaries (DK)

"We are a VR & Film company specializing in creating original concepts for VR and film experiences and producing them."

GotFat Productions (DK)

"Gotfat:/ɡɒt.fæt/: to create something truly awesome; [or] mind·blowing; can be every form of audiovisual media production [e.g. commercials, documentaries, broadcast programming, fiction] : common denominators are imaginative ideas, high production value, seeking new solutions and being nice : if work related; addiction may occur."

Intertisement (DK)

"Intertisement is among the leaders in the development of innovative interactive applications and pioneers in the field of customized Augmented Reality solutions."

Kanda (DK)

"Here at Kanda, we offer a wide range of solutions in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), data consulting, BIM content, development, and visualization."

Khora VR (DK)

"Khora is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) production house, the world’s first VR store, and a hub for innovators."

Khora Contemporary (DK)

"Khora Contemporary was created to become a bridge between the artists and Virtual Reality developers. ... We offer opportunity for artists to research the depths of VR and find inspiration to create a new body of work."

Step in Books (DK)

"Handcrafting digital experiences to tell truly interactive stories for children and lovers of art"

TimestoryVR (DK)

"TimestoryVR is a production company producing VR and AR that affects, change and improves you. We work with interaction and create experiences where you can be part of a scenario and by your presence and what you say and do, will influence the scenario and the characters, as if you are really there."

Trida Media (DK)

"Our Copenhagen based team strive to create new solutions for companies, organizations and artists. With the XR (extended reality) technology of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, we create innovative content, that provides the audience or users immersive experiences which are stimulating, engaging and memorable."

Unity Studios (DK)

"A development and consulting company of interactive 3D applications that primarily work with the Unity® technology. We create tailor-made solutions that support and optimise our clients’ value chain – typically for either virtual training, data visualization, sales and marketing, R&D, innovation or, product development."

VR Inspired (DK)

"Our diversified team with backgrounds from the gaming & movie industry, some with university masters and others with +30 years of experience fill our lab with curiosity and determination building simple solutions around visual experiences focused on the user."

World For Story (DK)

"World for Story (WFS) was established by Creative Director Tommy Thore Ipsen in 2016 as a consulting company for concept and story development in the visual effects film and gaming industry, but has since evolved into becoming an AR production company."

Makropol (DK)

"MAKROPOL is an award-winning studio working in the intersection of cinema, technology, live performance and installation. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the works of MAKROPOL have been exhibited, screened, and featured in venues, galleries, and festivals all over the world."

Mannd (DK)

"Our mission at MANND is to rethink, develop and challenge the use and understanding of immersive media in order to create the next era of branded content, film and shared experiences."

Mikkel Keldorf Media (DK)

"Mikkel Keldorf Media is a video production company owned and run by Danish journalist Mikkel Keldorf. The company has produced everything from international documentaries, corporate videos and VR/360 productions. Quality, creativity and adventurousness characterizes every production."

Molamil (DK)

"We work in partnership with brands, agencies, public organizations and anyone else who is looking for specialists to complete their skill set. This allows us to be the best at what we do and do what we enjoy the most."

================================ GERMANY ================================

Another World (DE)

"Content Studio - VR production - Game Development"

Hologate (DE)

"We create turnkey solutions that bring you the best immersive entertainment. Our platforms easily integrate into existing venues or can be brought to events."

NowHere Media (DE)

"We create immersive experiences that take you to the heart of the story."

================================ GREECE ================================

eNVY softworks (GR)

"eNVy softworks is an award-winning interactive media development studio based in Patras, Greece. Established in 2017, eNVy focuses on combining artistic expression and technical expertise into interactive experiences that aim to educate, entertain and promote."

Onskull (GR)

"The OnSkull game development studio started in 2016 as a group of like-minded professionals, thirsty to explore the relatively uncharted VR world. Our key values are innovation, collaboration and hard work."


"ViRA | Virtual Reality Applications focuses on virtual reality and interactive applications. We combine the limitless possibilities of technology with artistic design. Moreover, ViRA in collaboration with research and educational organizations, conducts seminars and workshops introducing the participants with the art of Game Design and Development, and providing them with the necessary techniques to create Virtual Reality Applications."

================================ NETHERLANDS ================================

Force Field (NL)

"As one of the world’s largest VR and AR development studios with over 60 people in our studio in central Amsterdam we are generating a new generation of games and experiences that show the endless possibilities to entertain people of all ages and all walks of life in VR."

WeMake VR (NL)

"Cinematic VR production agency. We are proud pioneers, resolutely pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality with the mission of giving people moments of joy."

================================ NORWAY ================================

Hyper (NO)

"We create things that connect with people through creative excellence and innovative use of tech"

Glitch Studios

"Through new and immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, we are rapidly moving away from traditional forms of communication. Where we previously had to ask customers to close their eyes and imagine “what it would be like”, we now simply take them there to live the experience."

Kimsarc (NO)

"Kim Baumann Larsen - A licensed architect, 3D artist and VR designer with twenty something years of industry experience, the latter six developing interactive augmented reality apps and game like real-time visualisation and VR for architecture and entertainment. Kim runs his own VR and AR design and consulting company Dimension Design and is a co-founder and co-director of Digital Storytelling, a multi-disciplinary arena of seminars and workshops in Oslo Norway on innovative and creative use of storytelling in film, tv and games visual effects."

Making View (NO)

"Learning processes gasified in XR. 4K multi-camera production. 360 degree Drone Footage Acquisition"

Norn Studio (NO)

"Norn Studio is a VR content production company focused on Immersive storytelling for the entertainment and educational market. ... Norn is exploring opportunities for content narratology provided by the development of VR / AR technology."

Rainfall (NO)

"We Rainmakers are a bunch of tech people who enjoy having fun together. Our focus is on advice and development on tech platforms like web, iOS, Android, VR/AR and IoT. We like to think of ourselves as being the most enthusiastic people in the business."

Stargate Media (NO)

"Stargate Media specializes in creating virtual reality content. We can take your productions from beginning to end, or just provide the pieces you're missing. Our skilled team with over 10 years of experience in VR productions can cover all aspects of the production, but also work together with other creatives to make your production best possible."

Teknopilot (NO)

"Teknopilot is a production company based in Hamar and co-located with Hamar Game Collective, a leading environment for game development in Norway. We also have additional studio and office facilities in Oslo."

================================ SPAIN ================================

Visyon 360 (ES)

"We build interactive and immersive applications through creative development and cutting-edge programming to provide the latest solutions for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality."

Vgers (ES)

"We are a team of professionals with extensive experience that design immersive projects of Virtual and Mixed Reality. Virtual natives who emerged on day zero of this technology, surfing each new wave that has come. Our goal? To create incredible projects."

================================ UNITED STATES ================================

AmazeVR (US)

Cloudred (US)

"We push the limits of virtual reality, augmented reality, storytelling, and interactive design to maximize our clients’ visibility across all digital channels."

Emblematic (US)

"Our team of award-winning filmmakers, journalists, designers, and veteran game developers lead the industry in creating fully immersive environments that place the user inside the scene, allowing them to move through, interact, and play with the story."

Giant Spoon (US)

"Giant Spoon is an agency that was built to create culture, to find ways for brands to integrate seamlessly into the swirl of experiences that surround us. Strategy that solves real business problems. Our approach is to translate cultural trends into big ideas that leverage media, technology, and creativity."

Lucid Dreams (US)

Mycotoo (US)

"Mycotoo is the leading agency in entertainment strategy and experience design."

Studio ATAO (US)

"Asian in America is an award-nominated symbolic exhibition and dining experience that explores the complex narrative of the Asian American identity through food & drink, virtual reality, spoken word and poetry."

================================ V R & A R G A M E S ================================

Bolverk games (DK)

"We are a Danish startup specializing in games for virtual reality. Backed by venture capitalists Capnova and driven by a strong passion for games within the virtual realm."

Emberlight VR (NO)

"Emberlight AS is a Norwegian VR startup with a focus on crafting fantastic tales in believable worlds. We are a team of four vikings and a yankee with a broad range of games industry experience."

Gamecraft (DK)

"GameCraft designs and develops gamebased learning"

Handy Games (DE)

"HandyGames produces titles for new innovative gaming platforms, for example VR (Virtual Reality) on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR."

Invisible Walls (DK)

"We design, iterate and produce virtual reality and audio/visual experiences. As a team we can offer years of experience making games and a broad range of fine-tuned skills spanning over visual effects, animation, programming and much more. We all share a dedication to the newest technology and always strive towards creating breath-taking products."

Sarepta Studio

"We are currently in development of Thalassa, a psychological thriller mystery game for console, PC and VR."